Being Other Woman

You’re the other woman? Get acceptance from your friends

Dating a Married Man?  Friends don’t accept that you’re the other woman?  Help them accept the situation.

You’re the other woman. You know that dating a married man isn’t the best choice.  However, sometimes your heart has a mind of its own.  If you’ve fallen for a man who just happens to be married, the relationship can be complicated.  One of the hardest parts about being the other woman is getting acceptance from your close friends.  They may never fully accept the idea.  When you do tell your friends, follow this advice to make it go as smoothly as possible.

  1. Accept Their Judgement

Sometimes it’s the people who are closest to you that can really hurt you.  These are your closest friends, and they will probably tell you exactly what they are thinking – and it may not be something you particularly want to hear.  They most likely won’t agree with your actions.  Heck – You probably didn’t agree with your actions either, until you met this guy.  When you tell them what’s going on, expect them to judge you.  They may say it’s immoral or greedy, or tell you you’re making a bad move.  Allow them to say what they want, and try not to take it personally.  Dating a married man is a controversial subject.


  1. Tell Them Your Side

Once your friends have said their bit – tell them your side of the story.  Let them know that you understand dating a married man isn’t exactly perfect, but you can’t argue with your heart right now.  Show them you have perspective on the situation. Give them all the details of how and why you have fallen for this guy.  Don’t leave anything out.  The more they know about how great this guy makes you feel, the more likely they are to accept it.


  1. They Don’t Have to Accept It

These are your closest friends we are talking about.  If they are upset about what you’re doing, it’s most likely because they are concerned for you.  Dating a married man usually ends in a lot of heart ache.  Understand that they have your best interests at heart.  They may never actually agree with the situation.  They may never accept it – But that’s okay.  They don’t need to accept the situation they just need to accept you.  Good friends will be able to see that you are happy – at least for the moment – and that’s what should be important to them.