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Is Lindsay Lohan Going To Be The Next Flesh Light Girl?

Flesh light| Will Lindsay Lohan Accept The Million Dollar Offer For A Mold of Her Private Parts?


Will There Be A Lindsay Lohan Flesh Light?


Will Lindsay Lohan take the plunge and become the newest addition to the Flesh light family? The male sex toy industry has been buzzing with news that they may be coming out with a Lindsay Lohan Flesh light if she accepts the invitation to have molds made of her mouth, anus, and pussy.


Lindsay Lohan has been offered one million dollars for the molds of these areas of her body. There has been no word back as of yet, if Lohan is willing to walk the same line as other famous Flesh light girls before her already have. If Lohan takes the offer that was given to her by the marketing buffs behind the Flesh light toys, she will join the likes of Jenna Haze, Tera Patrick, and Stoya.


Lindsay Lohan has already made a deal with Playboy that she is going to pose nude in their magazine. However, is having a mold made of her private parts going a little bit too far? The Flesh light male masturbators are presently the number one selling male sex toy on the market. Can you imagine how honored Lohan must feel to be asked for these various molds of her body?


We all know that Lindsay has the looks, she has the appeal, and she definitely has the attitude. She has the guts to pose in Playboy nude, but does she have the guts to have her body parts molded, so other men can live out their fantasies?


Who Is Lindsay Lohan?


Unless you have been living under a rock for the past ten years, I shouldn’t have to tell you who Lindsay Lohan is. Once the star of the quirky comedy the Parent Trap, the once little girl featured in that adorable movie has grown up to be one sexy woman. Lindsay has been in the tabloids a lot for her problems with drinking, but the funny thing is even though Ms. Lohan may appear trashy in some people’s eyes, there is no denying that this hot little star is anything less of gorgeous.


What man wouldn’t want to stick his hard cock into a special Flesh light that was made from special molds taken from this woman’s body? Steve Shubin, CEO of the Flesh light corporation is hoping that Lohan accepts his one million dollar offer. At the present time, Lindsay has not left any word if she is going to take Shubin up on his offer or not.


I guess we are all just going to have to wait and see if this bad ass girl has the guts to take the next step. We already know that she has the guts to get nude and show her goods to the world, but does she have the guts to let the Flesh light family welcome her into their top selling industry? Personally speaking, I think that Lohan would be crazy to not accept the offer given by the Flesh light CEO. However, time will tell if she’s willing to make every guys fantasy a reality or not.